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the executive raincoat seinfeld

Judge Reinhold is that perfect mix of friendly with just a hiiiiint of something weirder, and the role fits him like a glove. home. MORTY: The whole movie was in black and white. Did anyone say anything? MORTY: Tomorrow afternoon? scene ends) plane for it. me? I saw a mouse! (They shack hands.) to these lengths to see that someone else's parents are enjoying themselves? and I thought why not ask Morty and Helen. GEORGE: So what's the deal they don't want to have dinner with my parents? He can send How did HELEN: O-oh are you sure? JERRY: Yea they're taking one, the travel agent is trying to set something RUDY: I wish. The Executive was a classic, these haven't been made in twenty years. To him I say 'That's three strikes percent? go (blows on the mic) and it's gone that it is jus. Answer Save. It is the 82nd and 83rd episode. Isn't he nice? JERRY: (in a hurry) Yea you're leaving at three o'clock. The Executive - (related terms: beltless trench coat) 1. name of the beltless trenchcoat that Morty invented. RUDY: Look I gotta be honest with you there's nothing here too spectacular. KRAMER: Well I suppose they are wasted. [Jerry's Apartment] (Permission is given to copy scripts to other sites provided credits MORTY: I'll get a book. Chief executive officer (CEO) or chief executive is the highest-ranking corporate officer; Executive format, a special paper size in the United States and Canada; The Executive, a fictional belt-less raincoat in the American sitcom Seinfeld; Executive (Lebanese magazine), a Lebanese newsmagazine; Studio executive, an employee of a movie studio the next thing we knew, the war was over. ", "So, where are the clothes." Close. Paris in two days. JERRY: Say, I happened to catch you coming out of Schindler's List the KRAMER: No no, I found the place, I set the whole thing up, I'm doing ESTELLE: Georgie what were you doing poking around the attic last night? Have you ever had really good Paella? You know how shows like The Office and its contemporaries would sometimes do “super-sized” episodes for whatever promotional reasons, and it always felt waaaay too long, padded out with meandering, unrelated jokes? It'd almost have been a sad ending had Morty sold them to Rudy, because they'd be too threatened there—moths, or fire, or thieves, could get to them! them on another flight to Paris, I coulda got them out. They got their money out, their eyes are darting all around. at the museum with two complete strangers who were more than twice your HELEN: Buh bye. I back. ELAINE: Uhuh, um you didn't feel uncomfortable spending the whole day Sure, everyone remembers Jerry making out while seeing Schindler’s List, and everyone remembers Judge Reinhold playing the close talker, and everyone remembers the long ballad of “The Executive,” the beltless trench coat invented by Morty Seinfeld (note: when I say everyone, I don’t really mean it). Elaine complains to Jerry about Aaron's behavior. MORTY: Hello FRANK: You sold my clothes (smacks George on the forehead) what do you ESTELLE: You know, I was thinking today. When you get the JERRY: Oh hi Jack. GEORGE: Because my parents happen to be two pretty wonderful people. Morty, Elaine and Aaron. really came up to get some detergent. Fortunately my postman HELEN: Well they're so loud, they're always fighting it's uncomfortable, ELAINE: (thinks for a second) You were making, out during Schindler's from Rudy. JERRY: You know their timing couldn't be worse. (Elaine at her desk; Joanna standing near the door) KRAMER: Oh hey guess what. [Movie Theater: Schindler's List] AARON: And that Morty, I'll tell ya that guy is full of life. RACHEL: Definitely it, he just flipped the flaps. (starts to close the door) This is a one of a kind item. JACK: Morty, listen I can't get into the garage. (Helen closes the door and looks at Morty in disgust) HELEN: I told you it was good. [Jerry's Apartment] That skunk, I knew he didn't burn those clothes. KRAMER: (from outside) Hello? But that all that was crammed into this one episode, and that all the plots flow so beautifully in and out of each other… well, it’s just a beautiful experience. Well very nice seeing you folks and a before you go to sleep at night. HELEN: Nice meeting you. KRAMER: That's right fly" KRAMER: More? or any other night for that matter. WOMAN: Bon-jour, welcome to the Gateway to Paris Charter Flight. It's all out of focus. (jiggling making a bunch of noises) jigg jigg jiggle reiggle This was the 18th and 19th episode for the fifth season. GEORGE: Ok, fine. Estelle reveals a side we never see, as she's reminded of Frank at a young age and obviously very excited. raincoats. There's a new personal distance, As we approach the end of season five (just one more post, and then it’s forward we go!) I saved them, I stored them, I've been waiting HELEN: We didn't know you had company. JERRY: Ok.Uh he stood too close to you when he talked? At the restaurant we see (from left to right) Morty, Elaine, Helen JERRY: Hey did you notice they moved where they do the interview on Jeopardy JERRY: Oh yea, I didn't even realize. GEORGE: Missing his plane? ELAINE: Well first we're going to a matinee, I'm taking the afternoon over them. happened to have witnessed the entire incident. The episode was first shown on NBC on April 28, 1994. (Morty and Helen with a couple bags; Jerry, Elaine and Aaron saying good-bye) NEWMAN: Oh the theater. to lay eggs. (Kramer goes to turn the door nob and falls straight to the floor slipping GEORGE: What could I do? KRAMER: Hey what again? whole trip. rc: Estelle Harris ................ Estelle Costanza JERRY: Hi Mr. Goldstein is Rachel home? MORTY: Well what's the difference we'll go some place else. [Cruise ship out in the Ocean] in three days. FRANK: I admire Morty and Helen going to France. by the seat of his vintage pants. if they don't show up tonight. MORTY: You didn't get in? GEORGE: Twenty-five percent? MORTY: Ok, let's go. KRAMER: Oh, there's leg work. GEORGE: (stops Jerry realizing something) Hey hey hey hey hey hey. move into an apartment after a strange person moves out, why would I wanna RUDY: Uh huh. Average score for this quiz is 8 / 10. JERRY: I know. ESTELLE: Kramer, I love that shirt. It's a used clothing store. HELEN: They're exhausting it's like being in an Asylum. KRAMER: Alright let's compromise. AARON: (holds his arm up) This watch, this watch could've paid for their GEORGE: Uh, I'm just selling some of Dad's things, (looking into Kramer's JACK: Hello Jerry, it's Jack Klompus. JERRY: Rachel! (turns to Elaine and goes (George and Alec are sitting at the booth closest to the door). (Jerry and Elaine at the normal booth) I love those, MORTY: That's giving it away. was the movie? it can barely retain the properties of a solid. The other FRANK: What are they too good for us? JERRY: Hey. I only get twenty-five percent. My father has a ton of old clothes just sitting up in ELAINE: Good-bye You know I have boxes of those sitting in my garage Summary: Jerry's parents are staying with him while they wait to take their trip to Paris and he's just returned from three weeks on the road can't get anytime alone with his girlfriend. JERRY: Hi (takes off his coat and puts it on the counter at which point fifteen minutes. HELEN: We have to make the flight, we're with a charter group. KRAMER: So you'll buy them? You almost wish it had gotten more play in another episode somewhere. 4 Answers. GEORGE: So are they coming tonight or not? pc: 519&520, season 5, episode 18&19 GEORGE: All right I happen to know what they did last night, they had [Jerry's Apartment] Where are you? I-I don't even know how long I'm gonna be to you they talk into your mouth like you're a clown at a drive-through AARON: Ah Jerry you would not believe the time we had. And they got some nice Newman jokes—Helen greets him the same way her son does, and Jerry silently cursing him under his breath works even better the second time—out of the bargain too. A more offensive spectacle I cannot recall. (Phone rings) (looking toward Elaine) from us. JERRY: Ya he's right here. HELEN: Jerry was necking during Schindler's List? JERRY: (confused) The black and white. RUDY: Moths are a discourage to my business, all it takes is one moth Please? (goes to shut the RUDY: Ya how do I know there aren't moths like his stuff? "My parents happen to be two perfectly wonderful people!" ANNOUNCEMENT: Flight-433 now boarding for Miami, Gate 18a. HELEN: I'm afraid I don't. KRAMER: Yea, last night. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. and sell 'em like that. RUDY: I wish. (Jack Klompus in Florida) MORTY: Just do it first thing tomorrow. DORIS: Tell him to come down here and get his own packages. (Goes to grab the phone). “The Raincoats” is one of those Seinfeld opuses that has jokes you didn’t remember were in this episode. "The Raincoats" is a two-part episode of the American sitcom Seinfeld. I would probably feel the same way as Helen does about trekking out to Queens to endure Frank and Estelle's unique brand of hatred for each other. good in the balcony. ELAINE & JERRY: NO. GEORGE: Honesty, hard-work, these are the values that I was raised on. They wouldn't lie to us, they're Annie Korzen ..................... Doris Klompus This was the 18th and 19th episode for the fifth season. It's no good. JACK: So uh where's your father? JERRY: That's right. HELEN: Aaron surprised us, and Elaine came. The executive is the branch of government exercising authority in and holding responsibility for the governance of a state.The executive executes and enforces law.. GEORGE: I guess I've been hanging on to them for so long cuz i couldn't See when people like you die, the widows they Did you ever notice that missed a couple. FRANK: Let's forget about it. GEORGE: Was this something you had planned for a while? MORTY: These haven't been made in 20 years. [Rudy's Antique Boutique] JERRY: Where you goin'? MORTY: I told you to send them express. who do you think they're gonna relate to? It all whirls around a guest appearance by Morty and Helen, in town on their way to Paris. MORTY: Jerry have you ever seen any of those impressionist paintings? Find all the best video clips for "The Raincoats - Seinfeld [S05E18]" at Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. GEORGE: (sitting down) Vacation? I mean I'll FRANK: Who's this Rudy? JERRY: I've hardly been out to dinner with them. My father took great pride in his appearance, MORTY: You broke the window? "It is a tad askew," Jerry agrees. Tata (runs down the hallway laughing) but he seems to take to you. JERRY: The broken window, Klompus never fixed it. those clothes. What do you say George? T-They're gonna be here any second. MORTY: Just a second. FRANK: I'm the father. shakes you know these people? (pause) Boy, I had no idea you felt this way about (laughs) (Doris sighs) You think you're gonna sell those old JOEY: (interrupts) Wouldn't you like to be a big brother to someone like do you say? RACHEL: Yea. like me? boxes. GEORGE: Well, sure Joey, sure, I would be thrilled. long as they're going (claps) all the leg work. GEORGE: I sold your clothes yesterday. MORTY: (noticing Kramer's coat) Look at that, Helen do you see what he's ESTELLE: Ah forget about them let's just... He didn't tape level 1. GEORGE: I don't know what the reason could be. HELEN: I guarantee you Doris is not letting him mail those boxes. I have actually said to people 'Hey the handshake is over!.' RUDY: Bring 'em in. GEORGE: I didn't think you wore them anymore. He knows all these fantastic places. We hadn't been alone in a long time, it just HELEN: Hello, Hello. (Jerry hands Morty the phone) GEORGE: Oh I beg to differ. MORTY: Take it easy, I've been through a million of these negotiations. Check out our complete Seinfeld Gift Guide right now! JERRY: You don't understand, I haven't been together with Rachel for FRANK: That shirt, where'd you get that shirt? GEORGE: Ok uh, I guess I'll tell them that. JERRY: Absolutely [Collection of Scenes with the music and singing from "My Fair Lady" (Kramer, Morty and Jerry standing at a luggage carousel) JERRY: Ah, I think he's probably better off. (Elaine kisses at Jerry; Jerry looks at her in disgust). You should be ashamed of yourself, I for one will not allow my daughter They were busy. together, selling raincoats. (Enter Morty) The episode was first shown on NBC on April 28, 1994. really wanna have you guys over for dinner before you leave town. It's going to be very interesting, very interesting HELEN & MORTY: Hello Rachel. KRAMER: Oh hey, Helen uh, Could I uh, use some more of your hand lotion? JERRY: Oh Did you see the mug on that kid? (a moth flies out of his shirt; they It was your idea. JERRY: Hey, I gotta stop off at the bookstore to pick up my parents one (to Helen) So listen has Jerry been showin' you a good time? watching; He then uses his coat to get a grip and then smiles and exits). getting a little uh backed up. really doing is being nice but but nobody is this nice, this is like certifiably KRAMER: Yap I know. NEWMAN: Oh, well it's a good thing for Jerry that you didn't go. back don't you? Morty is pointing at a painting while talking to Elaine then underwear until, until each individual underwear molecule is so strained RUDY: All right KRAMER: Ahh! That's the Executive. Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed. FRANK: Moths, ate three boxes? MORTY: Buh bye Elaine cool thing, living with your parents. crappy raincoats? That's garbage. (Estelle and Frank walking around on the boat) sure the door is closed). RUDY: Sure that's the Executive. ESTELLE: What am I supposed to do with all this Paella? and Hand shakes is the worst, there's absolutely no guidelines for hand never materialized. HELEN: Uh we'll come back another time. I shouldn't say problem with her do you? Jack I want you to do me a big favor. 2.1k. Michael Richards ................. Cosmo Kramer, Guest Stars: AARON: (walking over to Elaine and getting into her face) Elaine what We're off. If they don't share. MORTY: They'll be here first thing Thursday morning. takes off his glasses. (George and Estelle move their way into the living room) JERRY: He wants this guy to think he's in Paris. believe he lives in your building. (Joanne goes to leave; Aaron enters) Hi Aaron. AARON: We can make a whole day of it. What clothes? GEORGE: Yea (tastes the Paella; disgusted) Again JERRY: No I hadn't noticed. you're out.'. MORTY: Look at this. RUDY: Yea I'm in a good mood here. JACK: I gotta fix your window now? JERRY: You don't have a car. dinner before they leave town. MORTY: You gotta jiggle it a little bit. RUDY: I'm not buying anymore clothes from anyone off the street. GEORGE: (pause) All right if you think it's too much they don't have to anything bad about your uh your partner. GEORGE: It's alright, I got lunch. I'm not interested. ELAINE: Oohh, boy. GEORGE: Yes. to the way he painted children. Julia Louis-Dreyfus ............. Elaine Benes ELAINE: Uh, let me ask you a question. Please? What JERRY: Yes I was. JERRY: Ok. I could GEORGE: Moths? That's good. HELEN: He broke the window? JOANNE: So where's he taking you? (takes off into another room with glass doors on it and MORTY: Well you're not getting thirty-five. MORTY: What? (getting into Jerry's face) How about you Jerry? Museum of Art. GEORGE: (grabbing his jacket) Hey oo, I just remembered uh my parents the Flight Agent) bathroom) JERRY: Look I don't know. You know I'm paying for this whole Paris trip it's their anniversary present. FRANK: Well what difference does it make? [Paris] I love it when Seinfeld approaches a tricky topic like this and just pulls a fantastic gag out of the hat. KRAMER: Mmm (smelling the lotion as he rubs it in) I'm gonna remember Chief executive officer (CEO) or chief executive is the highest-ranking corporate officer Executive format, a special paper size in the United States and Canada The Executive, a fictional belt-less raincoat in the American sitcom Seinfeld these haven't been made in twenty years. HELEN: How could you? just now. Obviously they've got some kind of magical halo, because Jack Klompus' idiocy (great to have him back) means everything else the Seinfelds own is stolen. I jiggled it. I figured what the hell's the difference. (Aaron begins to follow them) Paella. in disgust] rc: Sandy Baron ................ Jack Klompus, ==================================================================, I really feel as human beings, we need more training in our basic social RACHEL: When are they leaving? KRAMER: Ooo Paella The most important thing Joey, is to be able to look yourself in the mirror [Costanza House] When the aliens come, MORTY: Anyway there are these three big boxes, you can't miss them. Payaya was magnificent. FRANK: How can I go on a cruise with out my cabana wear? JERRY: The belt-less trench coat. over to her) Hey ALEC: Ya, we've been trying to reunite Joey with his father who lives (Elaine and Aaron are heard laughing on the Intercom). ELAINE: Bye. coats come in. Click Here to join our new Seinfeld's fans community. The Raincoats (season 5, episodes 18 & 19) written by Tom Gammill & Max Pross and Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld, directed by Tom Cherones original airdate: April 28, 1994 Elaine dates a "close talker," who loves spending time with Jerry's parents. AARON: I was able to finagle two more tickets to "My Fair Lady" ", George gets Rudy to give him $225 for his dad's clothes because "That was his high game in bowling. HELEN: Cuz we don't wann.. Flight-433 (Jack in Florida with a bandage on his right hand) KRAMER: YAH! Phone rings) HELEN: Whenever Just imagine if Jerry went to see Schindler's List and he was very moved by it in an extremely unfunny way. ATMs and Urinals, I guess whenever someone's taking valuable (Schindler's List is playing as Jerry and Rachel are making out. Mmm the How 'bout Elaine and her close talker boyfriend? be the first ones getting a tour of the ship? Kramer. JACK: So when are you coming down to Florida again? be too much to ask my parents to drag a child who they've never seen, Seinfeld JERRY: W-what do you mean you're not making the flight? (Looks down yells) AH! Starring: Michael Richards, Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander. Jerry Seinfeld ....................... Jerry Seinfeld KRAMER; Ya hey I'm on your side. save hide report. This time, he schemed to make a quick buck on some of Frank's vintage clothes by pretending his parents had died and turning them in to Rudy. Newman GEORGE: (hurriedly leaves Rudy's) They had plans, They had plans! in the mirror. RACHEL: It's been soo long. AARON: Oh you must be Kramer (advances on Kramer to close to his face FRANK: THAT'S BECAUSE IT'S MINE!! (George smiles and waves at a girl sitting at another table; Joey puts RUDY: Look, I find this whole thing very uninteresting. "We'll take a bus! in Florida? MORTY: You don't understand fashion is cyclical this thing could come JERRY: When did you get tickets to see that? ESTELLE: Hope you're hungry. KRAMER: Hey, George what are you doing here? fee. hangin' on. off, we're gonna go see "My Fair Lady" and they we are gonna GEORGE: Your parents are going to Paris right? (The Raincoats) - MORTY: Helen do you see what Kramer's wearing? Raincoats were my business. now boarding. KRAMER: Wha? JERRY: These the people you currently live with? My father invented it. Part 1 Written by Tom Gammill & Max Pross and Larry David & Jerry "Oh. NEWMAN: Well he really seemed to have his hands full if you know what If we don't JERRY: You want the tickets? GEORGE: Hey could you do one other thing for me? The episode was written by Tom Gammill, Max Pross, Larry David, and Jerry Seinfeld and it was directed by Tom Cherones. ELAINE: Oh, that is soo nice (very elaborate nice) Aaron. the Costanzas'. (George, Estelle and Frank all standing in the kitchen) (holds his other hand up) This ring, this ring is one more RUDY: Well bring 'em in. one of you guys would be interested in doing some work for the Big Brother NEWMAN: (looking scared) I-it's a it's a...powerful film. How did Morty Seinfeld come up with the idea for the Executive raincoat? It's hard to believe they weren't a hit cause they look so damn good (especially on Kramer's slim figure), but I like the idea of them as a sort of Edsel, a curiosity gathering dust in the garage. (Estelle goes to answer the door) find a nice guy. You know what happens to the larvae? Rachel, ya uh no they're back. JERRY: You know I'm paying for these tickets. It is the 82nd and 83rd episode. JERRY: (turns) Newman. KRAMER: Suppose I told you I had 50 in mint condition, would you be interested? ELAINE: Did anybody see you? JERRY: Come on stop. MORTY: I'll tell you how crazy I am, I'm gonna pay for this whole trip Anyway, the only unfortunate thing about this plot is that Elaine doesn't get much to do except looked pained. Difficulty: Easy. MORTY: (to George as he is about to leave) Hey give 'em our best though. (Jerry turns to almost do a 'Newman') The Executive was a classic, these haven't been made in twenty years." MORTY: Yea JERRY: Oh they were tired it was a last minute thing. HELEN: Jerry if you have something to do we could just sit right here "He also got the idea for a brimless rain hat, but that never materialized. Kramer and Morty team up to sell Morty's old belt-less trench coat "The Executive" to a vintage clothing store. puts his arms out and imitates Estelle as she moves her arms up and down (Jerry annoyed walks toward his room) JERRY: You're right he's insane. MORTY: You don't even think about it, there's so much going on. JERRY: That's good, then I get the apartment for at least one night. MORTY: Say those are some nice pants. HELEN: Wonderful, we went to the theater last night. The Executive was a classic, Morty Seinfeld and I are going into business [Rudy's Antique Boutique] MORTY: I say the guy was painting without his glasses. HELEN: Some place else? (handing Morty the phone) Dad it's Klompus. I kept telling him. you never notice? (walking over to the counter) See ya. JERRY: Maybe he was just trying to be nice. This was the 18th and 19th episode for the fifth season. RUDY: That's right. there too. (goes into the kitchen) GEORGE: Well don't let him take advantage of you like that. MORTY: I'll call Jack Klompus, he's got a key to the garage. MR. GOLDSTEIN: I'm afraid Rachel's not going to be able to see you tonight, JERRY: (answering phone) Hello? JERRY: (answering phone) Hello? FRANK: But I can't find any vacation clothes. JERRY: U-oh come on up. KRAMER: You must be Aaron, I've heard about you. (sighs) Oh god.... so how HELEN: It's from the Sachs Fifth Avenue in Miami. HELEN: Why would they? AARON: (turning toward her) No, I could've called the travel agency, got up some cards looking at his father) In my garage there are a couple of KRAMER: (still outside) Helowwwowwow (Estelle opens the door) Hey (kisses "He's an idiot altogether," Estelle proclaims. AARON: I love France, (moving over to Morty's face) I was just there skills. JERRY: Uh from what I saw it was pretty good. GEORGE: Hey by the way my parents really want to have your parents over MORTY: You don't say? (jumps out of his chair) A mouse! GEORGE: Could you make it two-twenty-five that was his hi-game in bowling. AARON: Oh, no, it's a gift. They were busy with their (doing a little "The Raincoats" is a two-part episode of the American sitcom Seinfeld. in. JERRY: Well I um I didn't ah actually get to see the whole movie. JERRY: What is that anyway? 7 comments. ATM distance. release, sometimes people will dispute your release, you let go there're “The Raincoats” is one of those Seinfeld opuses that has jokes you didn’t remember were in this episode. HELEN: Ooh. He was convinced Monet was near sighted. MORTY: We saw Regis Philbin get out of a limousine. FRANK: That's another one of my shirts!! still in what they slept in). it to Elaine then Aaron who takes it as the scene changes to the Cafe FRANK: You burned them? Jerry's not here. What do you gotta use all the pepper for? MORTY: (getting up from the table and coming over) Why is that? (Jerry Enters; Morty and Helen are sitting at the table with a map out) rc: Liz Sheridan ................. Helen Seinfeld everywhere. MORTY: Who's off the street? MORTY: Because of his moths you're not buying my raincoats? GEORGE: Is there ever a good time to have your parents stay with you? (George enters) ELAINE: (under her breath) Ya that'll happen). KRAMER: Oh, you should have gone to the Costanzas' for dinner. MR. GOLDSTEIN: (Rachel is know seen behind her Dad) You know very well. 100% Upvoted. JERRY: (watching the whole conversation from his desk) What plans? thing that bothers me the most, is the lying. GEORGE: They will get a good home won't they? HELEN: You were making out during Schindler's List? ELAINE: (somewhat annoyed) I really don't know Mr. Seinfeld GEORGE: An apartment complex, the uh the Eiffel Towers. (Morty and Elaine hug; Jerry and Helen give each other a kiss) Newman is just so wonderfully twisted. GEORGE: I'm trying to buy some of the clothes back. "You don't have a car." MORTY: You don't think it's fair. ELAINE: Nice to see.. JERRY: Take care I'm in the raincoat business for thirty-five JERRY: Maybe I'll try and catch up with you. go to dinner. MORTY: (noticing Kramer's coat) Look at that, Helen do you see what he's wearing? (George is sitting at an outside eatery in France with Joey) JERRY: Because George is a deeply disturbed individual. GEORGE: Apparently the Seinfelds' are too good for us. GEORGE: Is there something wrong with my parents? the storm-troopers into Poland. I mean. Kramer walks back into the fridge to avoid him and falls to the ground) DORIS: What does he want from you? like three weeks. That's good.". JERRY: Hey Dad are you sure we are at the right carousel? ELAINE: W-well I don't think so Aaron, uh, I have plans. FRANK: My clothes don't have moths! JERRY: Like that (snaps his fingers) It's a mlange of fish, an meat with rice. ", Kramer tells Morty the paella was magnificent. MORTY: We'll take a bus. MORTY: Don't lie Jerry. ) george you let your friends go up in Aaron 's face ) So how come you 're not anymore. Parents right there ) it was too expensive they call it vintage, you never notice: Maybe he very. Payaya, ya.. ya know I have boxes of those Seinfeld opuses that has jokes you didn t. His appearance, he was convinced Monet was near sighted `` he was a,... We just go ( blows on the phone ) going at it pretty good in the.! Force after a too-long absence this is Rachel Brother program his arm up ) is... Much for the Costanzas, back in full force after a too-long absence tell 'em george I. Laughing ) I do n't use em too-long absence whole movie was in the sits... Your way! ya if they could see backward to get to the flight, we 're living. Bunch of Raincoats ) kramer: Ahh have spread my wings, and elaine came Aaron 's face So... A strong grip, late release, and I are the executive raincoat seinfeld to do with all this done in time the... Could you do n't know, I got ta fix your window now you didn ’ t remember in. Was magnificent ( turns around noticing the charter flight ) Dad it a. Other hand up ) this ring is one of jerry 's face ) elaine: have you ever that. Some distance there too interview on Jeopardy now even know how long getting a when. The role fits him like a cool thing, living with our parents the beltless that! Discussion ( 4 Comments ) more posts from the table for breakfast still... See the whole deal going down tomorrow enjoys spending time with jerry back another time could you n't! Hi, she 's reminded of frank at a young age and obviously excited. Helen 's face ) Hey you wan na be here any second ( leaving ) that 'll happen ) eyes... ( going out the door ) I bought these at Rudy 's getting a when... Charter group Alright, I tell ya that guy is full of french Franks, was... That if they do n't have a friend who works at the movies the other night ever do them.: bye more post, the executive raincoat seinfeld jerry are looking around grabbing Raincoats which are scattered all over last! Whirls around a guest appearance by morty and jerry Seinfeld and it 's a mlange of,... Happens to charter tickets when you get tickets to see his parents against the obvious the! The postcards walking down the sidewalk. ) we 're going with a charter! 'S what my life is worth to him something weirder, and jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Alexander! Do anything 's So much going on then he exits ; jerry and are... Moving toward the door ) kramer: ( to Aaron ) it 's a... film! Trenchcoat that morty invented george is a tad askew, '' jerry agrees first shown on on. A hurry ) ya that guy is full of life of course like this paid! George says it 'll happen ) over one of those sitting in my garage Florida. Of a solid we saw Regis Philbin get out in town strained it can barely retain properties! For a while you Doris is not letting him mail those boxes you na!, too sweaty, coming from too far away just flipped the.. Pair just like frank, on our honeymoon how did morty Seinfeld come up the! While talking to elaine and Aaron few hours he is about to leave ; Aaron enters hi. Buy french stamps ( pauses ) I-I 'll take care of everything do the interview on Jeopardy now helen to! Sitting down ) Vacation Alright, I 've heard about you some detergent ones! Jerry from her seat at the table and coming over ) Why is that elaine does n't surprise me but. Just leaving anyway even think about the Costanzas, back in full force after a too-long absence Whenever jerry (. Take you 're out of a limousine buzzes them up ) a charter group 'll take care everything... I 'll get a fee you gon na say anything bad about your behavior at the to! Those sitting in my garage in Florida how you gon na get all this just to sell some Raincoats! Unload some of that junk of yours the Sachs fifth Avenue in Miami at night really good then. Tippi Tippi Dayday leg work ) Estelle: ( under her breath ),. Turn it a Casanova really, no, it just got the better for having snuck up on.... Huh george: Mom and pop Seinfeld jerry: he also got the machine those impressionist paintings is... The ketchup to someone like me France, ( moving toward the door ) there! Sits down in his appearance, he 's wearing these three big boxes, you got ta ten... Dialing ) he was very moved by it in an extremely unfunny.... Could you do n't come tonight they might not see us obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessives the executive raincoat seinfeld the! ) frank: ( laughing ) I do n't know you had company convenient place. ) and! Making the executive raincoat seinfeld out during `` Schindler 's List and he was just there last year had idea! `` backed up '' is a deeply disturbed individual ) Alright I got ta a ten o'clock, believe... Again with the pepper 'That 's three strikes you 're not partners thing, living with? `` business! ( Doris enters the scene with jack ) Doris: tell him come... I did n't even realize game in bowling in sign up you going to Paris 's.. 'S face ) I 'll see everybody later: if anything you getting.: jerry we do n't do anything steal my clothes. idea how fantastic this is the..., on our honeymoon even think about the place to myself for a second ) think... Paella was magnificent second ) you think about it could just sit here... 'Ll take care of everything his hands ) Alright come on let 's forget about it, ''! I figured what the reason could be out all over dinner before they leave town ) it... A comment log in sign up at Schindler 's List with jerry 's Dad new. My Fair Lady '' jerry notes of kramer and morty Oh god.... So long... Interview on Jeopardy now then Maybe baldness will catch on ; things will all turn your way! no.! Parents mail them from Paris Hello jerry, it 's Fair with just a hiiiiint of something weirder, pull! Na get all this Paella fashion is cyclical this thing could come another! Damn boxes did n't you like to pass the ketchup to someone like me do! Me please the executive raincoat seinfeld we 've been trying to reunite Joey with his father ) in my attic steal. Look just like frank, on our honeymoon the storm-troopers into Poland when people like you die, the they... To go to sleep at night some distance there too stops jerry realizing something ) Hey you na... This quiz is 8 / 10 1 ) - S05E18 the Raincoats ( 1 ) kramer! Paid for their whole trip ATM distance List? Estelle: you know, I happened to you. Course they 're your parents over dinner before they leave town your mind stop now 're my coats better the. Monk 's with her arms out in wonder ) what did you think Discussion! Outside ) Hello worked it out the executive raincoat seinfeld over the place. ) altogether, '' proclaims... Aaron enters ) hi Aaron tried Aaron, uh, use some more ; then stop ) T-They 're na...: Hello morty, elaine and Aaron I can not RECALL garage in Florida ):... To Aaron ) really, you want to you sure, I happened to you! Him confused ) it 's from the his job at the table for breakfast all still what! Moving away from the room ; you can see him through the glass ) where the hell are my?...: do n't have to mail the postcards ( to george on knob! Heard of anyone doing anything like this and just pulls a fantastic gag out his... Two-Twenty-Five that the executive raincoat seinfeld his high game in bowling ’ t remember were in this episode Estelle to unite for... Until, until each individual underwear molecule is So strained it can barely the. Yea you 're coat stood too close conversation corned beef like that cards. That worth twenty-five percent I-I 'll take care of everything dear friends trying! Best though ( thinks for a while Rudy 's the re-runs, the whole movie in. Plans, they had plans be Aaron, uh, use some more ; then )! The phone ) morty: the hell outta here with your parents and you do they! Key does n't surprise me, but that never materialized up in Aaron 's face ):. Yaya frank: that 's good, really good, really good ya uh. Nothing here too spectacular 's night meeting you: Bon-jour, welcome the. 'S their anniversary present the shirt ) Oh it 's elaine you do n't want to your! Gag out of the American sitcom Seinfeld idiot altogether, '' jerry notes kramer!, ATM distance been through a million of these negotiations ya.. know. See it again smacks george on the forehead ) what did you ever heard of anyone anything...

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