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best time for roopkund trek

There are few chances of AMS, HAPE and HACE at higher altitude campsites like Bhagwabasa. If any participant is asked to return or taken to the hospital due to a worsening medical condition, then he/she needs to bear the hospital and medical expenses. Roopkund Trek Best Time. You will reach Kathgodam at around 6 p.m. Trek leader shall accompany the team and shall let the team members know about the situation. USP of Roopkund Trek: Most Famous trek to Lake full of Human Skeletons Max Altitude: 5030 m. Duration in Days: 7 to 9 days. The one problem for this time is that there isn't a great deal of snow. In the rainy season, its snow covered slopes are often hidden behind a veil of mist. What are the night temperatures like? Another advantage of trekking to Roopkund in autumn is that it is far less crowded than in May-June. any time between “August to december” is fine. Home; Best time to visit Roopkund; On a hot summer day, my heart started aching for a thrilling yet refreshing high altitude trek. Another good place to camp is Patar Nachauni, where we head up a bit into the saddle and stay in the picturesque eco shelter huts. But we do have an option where you can stay in a tent for 2 if you do not wish to be accommodated in a 3-person tent. Weather. Hi Sneha, Rupin pass, Gaumukh Tapovan, are some option which are alternative treks close by to the Roopkund Trek. The views on this trek are absolutely breathtaking. Find what is Roopkund lake famous for, Roop kund weather updates, How to reach Roopkund, Where to stay, trek route with suggested itinerary of Roopkund. I am in a bit of a dilemma. However, you don’t have the option to book bus tickets online from Delhi to Kathgodam, so you need to reach the bus station a few hours before the bus leaves station to confirm your seat. The cab will cost about INR 100. Also, I enjoy photography, so is June end a good time visually? The steady pace ensures that your body adjusts to the increasing height and lack of oxygen. The goal of this trek is to reach the Roopkund. We generally provide accommodation on triple sharing basis. It’s best you go to Roopkund in May if you want to trek in a lot of snow. Over the next few months, I searched the internet for options and landed on a website that offered what I wanted. You will need spare 30 – 45 Daily for this activity and increase it based on the Trek. Lower Back – Perform a Plank starting with 30 seconds a Day. There are flash floods and landslides during that … Even better, skirt your way around them. Trekkers are encouraged to attempt Junargali unless the weather plays spoilsport. The former is more challenging with lots of snow along the way and Crazy Peaks team is the only one operating with full technical gears and maximum safety. You can go to Roopkund in May – this is suitable for first time trekker provided you are very fit. The Roopkund trek is breathtakingly beautiful. However, they are green in September and early October as well. It was nice talking to you. Your discussion on different important topics enriches my knowledge every time.” – Subhrajit Mukherjee. ?? The best time to visit Roopkund would be in the month of May-June or after the monsoon, i.e. It also dehydrates your body fully which is not ok in the high altitudes. We have changed itineraries of 3 big treks. Thermals should also be made primarily of Cotton. Mental Health – The other 50% of your Training comes from Mental Wellness. Q) What is the distance of the Roopkund trek? If anyone above the cutoff will be considered as overweight and not be allowed to trek with us. Layering yourself is Essential to brave the nights inside your tent that goes without saying. The route is gently snow-clad with an upwards inclination until it reaches the face of the mountain. While choosing your shoe the shoe should have a good grip. Are the meadows beautiful in mid sept or have they already started turning brown? Watch our latest updates here, 139, Defence Colony Road, Defence Layout, Sahakar Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560092, 14, Raj Villa, Milan Vihar, GMS Road, Dehradun - 248001, But not sure which one to go to first. Best Time: October to January. Roopkund Trek Fixed Departure Tour 2021. From Haridwar, you can take an overnight train or bus to Delhi or you can stay at Haridwar to enjoy the famous Ganga Arti. And how the best time for the trek can vary from person to person. On the other hand if you want to see the mysterious skeletons, then you should plan the excursion in September or October. In popular culture. Required fields are marked *, Need help? It would be fine if I do not get to see any greenery. Altitude gain: 11500 ft to 13000 ft preferably in uttrakhand. We recommend Ronti Saddle only to very experienced trekkers. thankyou! The participant has to follow the instruction and guidelines set by Discovery Hike and submit the necessary documents to the trek leader at base camps. If you want something more challenging why don’t you try something like Gaumukh Tapovan? By solo trip, do you mean trekking alone with a larger group in an organised trek or go all by yourself? And, before you start with the actual trekking, here are some important insights from someone who has already been to Roopkund. And what is the best time to do that? Can u please suggest me any travel agency or tour planner whom I should contact? Persistence consists of 50% you Mind & 50% your Body. Compared to the view of the Trishul, Nanda Ghunti is quiet and serene. Would the skeletons be visible in roopkund trek during autumn season or are they visible in summer season? Towards end October, it starts snowing on higher reaches of the trail. The trail is around 2 km and it meanders through patches of pure white snow. February: Kumara Parvatha Trek Since we climb Roopkund the very next day, accustoming is a must as it possesses problems later. If you don’t believe us, you should see for yourself! It takes about 6 hours for the 230-km journey from Kathgodam to Lohajung. The most convenient Kathgodam train is the Ranikhet Express (train number 15013). A break of 10 mins for every 15 mins of the climb is recommended. I have also started training for these treks and I am confident I can handle these treks. This cab (Tata Sumo) can accommodate 5 to 6 trekkers and the cost is cost of INR 5500 is not included in the trek fee. Hi Neha, There is no snow in September. The Tempo traveler can accommodate 8 to 10 trekkers, NOTE: (Discovery hike has full rights to expel the participants during the trek if he/ she is not fit under the criteria set by us). Option 2: The Roopkund cost can also be paid via cheque /demand draft (Mail us You will need to start with walking 4 km & more gradually. Framed against the green slopes with its reflection in the waters of Bedni Kund, the mountain adds to the magic of a stay in Bedni Bugyal. This is the Himalayan trek which starts from Lohajung in Uttarakhand. Indiahikes is the safest trekking organisation in India. 2. Hi Vaibhav the best time to trek in snow would be from December to May. You can visit Nainital, Corbett National Park, Bhimtal, Kausani, Almora and spend some time in these beautiful places. If you love adventure and are looking to soak yourself in the  mystery amidst the mountains, then you should sign up already. Aahvan adventure state that May-june is best for green meadows and clearer views whereas your opinion is autumn. Hello Sneha, I am planning a trek Har Ki Dun in the month of November, want to know if it is a good idea. Day 6 :Pathar Nachuni  to Bhagwabasa (13000 ft – 14000 ft) 5500. Time taken: 3 to 4 hrs approx. Yes, you can leave your extra luggage at Lohajung before you start the Roopkund Trek. The best time to go on a Roopkund trek is during the summer months; April, May and June. I’m planning to go for the Roopkund trek on 21-29th June. Best time to visit Roopkund. how about in march to roopkund trekking,Is that will be wrong time to visit roopkund.please let me know ,thanks in advance. If not the gym, you can use a heavy book or object & move it towards your shoulder without losing form & repeat the same for both arms for about 30 times in sets of 3. Carry Sun Caps in case these situations arise to keep your head cool the Roopkund trek, when it is normally sunny. If the participant is not found fit during the course of the trek, he/she is legally bound not to be carried on the trek. The sharp elevation of this place will definitely have you craving for more oxygen to air content. They turn brown towards mid October. Talk to an Expert +91 9920250519. This will enable all your muscles to stay intact & be activated rather than cramping. Best Time for Roopkund Trek. Roopkund trek takes you to a lovely lake, locally known as Mystery/ skeleton lake, or simply called the Mirror Lake, is well known for its mythological significance, mysteries, and picturesque beauty. Hi Priya, The meadows are on the browner side, the lake is frozen and there is snow –lot of it! Well put. One with lots of snow and one with colors. If the participant is expelled from the trek due to misbehavior, misconduct, threat or danger to another trekker the trek fee will not be refunded to the participant. Day temperature: 15° to 20°C. How is the Roopkund trek from May to June? Once you have successfully completed walking, turn this into running/jogging for the same distance. If you’re trekking in India, the Roopkund trek is a must-do! Risk related to blister, cuts and cramps: Blisters cuts and cramps are very often occurring while we are walking or trekking on uneven trail. is this trek harder than “Sarpass Valley” ? Note: If you choose Option 2, ignore the online registration procedure. The lake is covered with ice for most of the year, with the best time to trek being in autumn (mid-September to October). Best time for Roopkund Trek : The best time to cover the Roopkund trek is summer months of April, May, June and autumn months of September, October and November. Trek to Roopkund starts at 4am, sooner the better. Bedni top provides an eagle view of the Bugyal campsite as well as other places like Maiktoli, Neelkanth, Chaukhambha and Mrigatuni. The Roopkund climb ideally takes 2.5hrs. More so after mid October, when going even up to Junargali can be a challenge if there is heavy snow. Hence, this post guides you to decide when to visit Roopkund Lake. During this time, several high altitude and challenging treks in the Indian Himalayas become accessible. All images are copyrighted by their respective authors. The end of the trek leads you through a series of switchbacks and a steep climb over a snowy flank to arrive at Roopkund. There is also a direct bus from Rishikesh to Lohajung that depart around 4 a.m. and costs about INR 400 per passenger. Watch the video to find out. Throughout the Roopkund Trek journey, trekkers will be accommodated in 3 main tents except Lohajung where you will be staying in a lodge. Tip: The best time for the Roopkund trek depends on what you want. Your entire journey will be with the Backpack with all the essentials you need. The view is as good as Bedni’s but there is a certain charm that lingers in this place due to the feeling of a certain level of alienation from everything. From easy treks to moderate treks like Hampta Pass, Beas Kund and Bhrigu Lake in Himachal, Tarsar & Marsar Lake in Kashmir, Kanchenjunga Base Camp in Sikkim & Chopta Chandrashila, Satopanth Lake in Uttarakhand, summer is one of the best seasons for trekking in India. Trekking, to her, is a sport that liberates the mind more than anything else. If you are able to choose between the snow and the skeleton lake, you know your best time to do Roopkund. Mules and Porters carrying personal luggage: Mules and porters are available if you need their service at any time. With a clear sky and a fit group of trekkers, a good idea is to attempt Roopkund in the afternoon. Yes I would like to join a group but I will be alone without any friend so in that case I was asking. By any chance, will there be any snow in Roopkund during September? Roopkund Lake is open to trekkers twice a year – first period is in summers or the pre-monsoon period in May and June, and the second one is pre-monsoon period in September and October. Hi Yatish Day 2 : Sutol to Talkapad. How difficult is the expedition? If you want to trek in snow, book for a batch after mid-December. In autumn, the forests on this trail are especially beautiful as the leaves change colour to various shades of orange and yellow. If you want to trek in snow and get clear views, Kedarkantha and Kuari Pass are good options in March or early April. 2. I suggest you and your fellow trekker start off with an easier trek to see how s/he deals with the sinusitis in the Himalayas. Hi, there won’t be snow in the Himalayas in October or November, unless there is unexpected snowfall. We use dry toilet pits along with toilet freshener to maintain a hygienic environment. It is desirable to keep yourself away from away kind of objectionable sustenance’s. You can get there by shared jeep.    Tip: carry sufficient water at least 2 liters from the campsite. The trek leader shall decide whether to proceed with the trek or stay, till the conditions are suitable. Itinerary customization. The Roopkund trek review as a whole is beautiful and by the end of it, you’d feel amazing. pls advice. Hi Swathi, The meadows begin to go brown in October. Just a couple of them now. If you want to trek when it is very cold and snowy, then do the Brahmatal trek in January. Add 10 – 15 seconds more daily to improve the strength you add to you core. Hello, Risk and challenges are the part of life, without taking risk and facing the challenges one cannot become what one wants to be. If you start your trek at 4 am, you expected to reach by 8 am (considering you stop at points). Informed on the day of trek Rs 340 per day + 5% GST But if you want to see snow at Har Ki Dun, then March and April are good months. There will be no snow in September. Roopkund trek best time is May - June, and September - October. HI Sneha, Hello Mohit The weather at this time will be extremely cold. Would it be accessible Thermals – For the Roopkund temperature in December you will only require 1 pair of thermals because of the cold winter. July is when the real rain sets in. The final stretch of climbing over the snowy flank on the left requires the motor support of all four limbs and gets over in less than 10 mins. The trek with big mountain views in the Greater Himalayas, 10 Best Treks to Experience Springtime in the Himalayas. Hi, The company has full provision to cope with such situations. Day 5: Bedni bugyal to Pathar Nachuni (11500 -13000 ft) I will not promise you greenery around this time. We cannot predict rain in the mountains. We request you to make you all your important call at Lohajung because there will be no network reception after that. A gradual vertical climb that ushers into a slight ascend in the dreamy meadows. Estimation distance of trek: 205 km The climb leaves even seasoned trekkers out of breath. Chances of crossing Ronti Saddle at any time of the year are very slim. The following possible risk/ challenges many come across in the trek of Roopkund. Roopkund trek … Hi Sneha, Nighttime: 3° to -2°C. Trek Gradient: Moderate. You will need at least three warm layers (two lights layers such as fleece and woolen and one padded jacket) for this trek. The best time to undertake Roopkund trek is divided into two seasons. With regard to the Roopkund weather, nights can be extremely cold with temperatures inside the tent dropping as low as 1. Contact our driver in case you are delayed because of some unforeseen issues. Roopkund is a great trek to do in autumn. can i see snow? The difficulty level depends upon your physical health. Time Taken: 4-5 hours. Click here to find the whole Roopkund trek itinerary. There’ll be light showers in early June since monsoon sets in full swing only by July. Thanks in advance. May is the best month to see snow in the Roopkund trek May you will find a lot of snow on day 6 after heading from Pathar Nachani campsite to Bagwabasa. The Roopkund trek route starts from Wan, a sleepy village located within an hour’s drive from Lohajung. The trek with views of Four Of The Tallest Mountains In The World! For legs cramps condition put cramps spray that is available with you and also with the trek leader. So is it possible?? September-October is even better when there is usually no snow at all at the lake. Poor preparation can lead to serious problems during high altitude Trek. November is not really a month for snow. Hi Gaurav, you aren’t likely to see snow in November. The … Best Time to Visit Roopkund Trek Roopkund can be trekked between May and June and August and mid-October. Season. I am planning to go for the Roopkund trek in early October (Oct-7 to 15). The sight is truly mesmerizing. But I am not sure which one to choose. Day 7: Bhagwabasa to Roopkund summit and return to Pathar Nachuni and back (14000 ft – 15500 ft) Else I’d have to toss a coin , Hi Sreeman, One must keep in mind that weather conditions will be harsh during this time especially at the base camp to roopkund. The goal of this trek is to reach the Roopkund. The panoramic view is awe-inspiring. So if you are planning for this trek, then here are the things that you need to know before going. Trekking + walking adventure starts in India and will last . The second best … The first window for this trekking in Uttarkhand is between the months of May and June. You will have to go above 16,000 ft that time of the year to get deep snow. The cab cost needs to be shared among the trekkers and should be paid directly to the driver (GST is only applicable on trek and not on transport).The light vehicle can hold 5 to 6 trekkers During May-June trek, you may find the greener Bugyals and defrosted lake that allows you a clear view of the skeletons. Here is the video you can see for preparation. You can trek up to Bedni Bugyal at the most in April as the trails above that will be covered in snow. However, you may find weak signals in Gerolia Patel campsite, Every day of the Roopkund Trek, you will need to cover around 5 to 6 kms. If any trekker feels problem due to less level of oxygen, he/she should immediately inform the trek leader or decent down to lower campsite for immediate remedy.      Tip: carry sufficient water from the campsite at least 2 liters Roopkund Trek Best Time. Estimation distance of trek: 3 The ample no of oxygen cylinders are with the trek leader, staff and accompanying person of the company. This is harder than the Sandakphu trek in terms of terrain, altitude and camping – at Sandakphu you stay in tea houses. Discoveryhike has a team of highly experienced Trek leaders, guides and support staff who will accompany you and take care of you 24/7 during the Trek. You will not be able to go all the way to Roopkund. Roopkund Trek as one of the top three treks in India. The Roopkund Summit Upper Back, Lower Back, Core, Legs, Arms & more. Effectively your goal will be to reach 15 – 30 push-ups daily. Hi Darshil The trek from Bedni Bugyal to Roopkund Trek is difficult and is meant for those who are properly geared up and have prior trekking experience and also easy for Pahadi guys. Hi The use of these precautions shall help the trekker. I have been thinking about it for a while and I need your suggestions. Discovery hike is not responsible for your belongings if in case it is damaged or lost Other notable attractions are Mt.Trishul, Nanda Ghunti, the stunning Chaukhamba range, the Neelkanth peak, Kedarnath, Kedarnath Dome amongst other high peaks on this Trek. Morning time is not advised to start the trek. What will happen if a trek is extended? The trek is filled with deep virgin forests, breathtaking campsites, miles of undulating meadows, snow and ice and the taste of great adventure as you climb from 8000 feet to 16, 000 feet in seven days to nine days. In the month of May and June you need to cover yourself in 3 layers of clothing head to toe. Hi Karshima, Discoveryhike can arrange hotels for you in all these places, should you require our services. Please suggest. Altitude gain: 7000 ft to 10200 ft Everything that you need to know like - Roopkund trek route map, itinerary, temperature, weather, height, photos, and videos is here on this page. The water is rich with minerals, cold and simply refreshing. But, we have learnt some lessons from these treks and understood that going with experienced guides and leaders is a wise choice . You can still take a Volvo bus that leaves Delhi bus station around 9.30 p.m. and reach Kathgodam around 5.30 a.m. Make sure you check with your driver about the arrival time because these buses are often delayed. Average Temperature : Roopkund … However, if you have tents then walk another 10 mins and you will find a campsite to your left. You will need to pay the amount via online transfer to avail this facility. Why you should sign up for the Roopkund trek, now? Roopkund trek difficulty level is considered by comparison a moderate high altitude trek. There are chances of AMS at high altitude trek. Blisters cuts and cramps are very often along the Roopkund trek distance because of the walking or trekking on uneven trail. Within a few days, I had booked my first trek and was soon to be on my way. The two giant meadows covered with alpines amongst other trees, Ali and Bedni Bugyal are the intriguing ways to treat your mind and soul. Plz suggest.. So chances of rain negligible. It’s a 10 mins walk. The dates will be up on our website shortly. Roopkund trek is best for people looking for treks not crowded. The place is like a final pit stop for horses. If it is your first time trekking then try going for Roopkund in September because it is truly the best time to be trekking in Roopkund. To get a complete info read out our blog…………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Roopkund trek difficulty level is considered by comparison a moderate high altitude trek. It is natural and a scientific fact that the oxygen level gets thinner as we proceed from low to higher altitude, and as a consequence of that we face difficulties in breathing and problem may arise. If you fancy an adventure, then summer is the best time to go. Effectively your goal will be to reach 30 – 50 squats in a day. This train leaves from Delhi around 4.00 pm and arrives at Kathgodam at 10:45 p.m. After reaching Kathgodam you can stay in KMVN guest house. In October the trails start browning and the winter snow starts setting in. We didn’t run it until last year in November, but once we did organise it last year, we saw what a gorgeous trek it is in November! First right time is in May-June before the monsoon starts. Hi Dhivakar, Can u plz suggest me something? If you are travelling further from Kathgodam, we advise you to book your journey to depart after 8 p.m, so that you have enough time to reach your station even in case of road blocks. How good or trust worthy these guys are ?? She also swears by the fact that 8 days on the Roopkund trek is truly breathtaking and even if one is new to trekking, this trek is a must-go at all costs! Roopkund Trek Best Time This trek can be done in two – either in May-June which is just before monsoons or August – September which is after the monsoons. Hi, Hi swathi, I had watched some of your videos on you tube.. Since this will be my first solo trip if I can make it and I would really love to. Start/End point of the trek: HaridwarStart Time of the trek: 6:30 AM (Day 1)End Time of the trek: 6 PM (Day 7)Group departures:February:16,23March:9,23March:9,23April 13,20,27May 11,18,25June 15,22,29September 21,28About the Kuari Pass Trek:Kuari Pass trek for six days would enable you to witness the holy destinations in the Himalayas and it starts once you reach Haridwar and then the … For both convenience and hygienic purposes, we suggest you carry your own tiffin boxes to eat the food we provide. Hiking up snowy exposed ridges to Junargali is sure to give you an adrenaline rush, and this is paired with the mystery around the Roopkund Lake, meaning that your hike is bound to be spectacular, memorable and exciting for a variety of reasons. And from a certain altitude we lose total communication and are consequently cut off from the rest of the world. By November, they will be completely brown. Roopkund Trek Best Time. This will help us to communicate with different people at the different campsites. While trekking you need to wear a padded jacket that will help protect your upper body from the harsh cold winds. I suggest you do Pangarchulla in April and Roopkund in autumn. The first step to cancel the trek is by emailing us on To avoid blister it is suggested that to carry/wear proper trekking shoes that fit your foot well and shoes should be of breathable nature and good grip. Hi, I wd like to do roopkund trek and also want to see snow. But which is the best trek to expedit & return with a feeling to continue himalyan trekking for rest of life for a ling time . It is most attractive for the human skeletons lying at the bottom of the lake which are distinctly visible when the snow melts. While trekking towards the lake, you would find green grassy land and forest ranging towards. This will build not just the core but your Lower back & Stamina too.    Estimation time of completion: 4 – 5 hrs Different terrains pose different threats and the right kind of shoe will make all the difference in the world. Type: This is 10 litres – 15 litres Daypack Backpack is what you need to have with you for the Summit. It’s a physically grueling task to trek a mountain, but the mindset wins it all in the end and the body will come to the rescue. I’m planning to do Roopkund trek in the last week of June this year. Thanks you the reply. Now if you chose to do the trek in May/June, the bugyals will be greener than ever and the lake will be … Hi Mouchumi, Altitude gain: 11500 ft to 12500 ft The best time or season for Roopkund trek is from May to June (before the monsoons) or from August to October (after the monsoon). Hi Anil you are safe in the last week of June. The team leader and trek staff will immediately movalise the resources (porters, mules) accompanying the team as well as a team which is stand by at different campsite will help to rescue the trekker. Here are good alternatives. If you choose to trek during this period you will witness lots of greenery. During the summer, this is optional. See firstly, the trekking distance is a total of 62 km which is to be covered into 8 days. The tents are custom made for expedition conditions and the sleeping bags can keep you warm even in -15 degrees Celsius cold temperatures. Estimation distance of trek: 2 km You could also go to Bhrigu lake in September. Hi Indraneel, I would suggest you try the Hampta pass in the month of August. Also, are the views clear in mid sept? This is the time the autumn views come alive on this trek. The harsh climatic conditions only provide trekkers with a small window to trek between the 1st week of May to about the 1st week of July. Would you help me with the below queries please? Watch out for the trail to the right as the one straight move to Ali Bugyal. We gain steep altitude today from around 12,500 ft to 14,500 ft. On your way you will pass the pristine towns of Srinagar and Karanprayag. Reminisces of the trip are happily afloat in your mind and you feel like a good dream has come to an end, as is the case with all good things. Whether I would be able to see snow in mid of November. I am actually more interested in trekking where it’s very cold. During sunrise and sunset, the clouds and sunlight play hide and seek on the mountain, an amusing display from the white mountains turning orange, that’s sure to catch the eye. The first winter snow comes in towards the mid-October on higher reaches. If you are already following a regiment that is suitable to your body, we suggest that you continue. Collared T-shirts – Carry 2 – 3 sets of these for the trek. Although nights are quiet chill and cold with a temperature of 0-7°C. If the participant is sent down or asked to return for safety reasons, the participant needs to abide by it. Buran Ghati – We believe this is the best alternative to Roopkund. The Roopkund trek is one of the most popular treks in the Himalayas. It might rain or it might not. For lunch and dinner, we have separate dining tents you to enjoy your meals with the other trekkers. During the autumn months of October, the roopkund weather showcases temperatures that further downsize to -6. The corpses are about 500 years ago and some of these are preserved in the cold roopkund weather conditions, that the muscle of the corpses attached to the bones is visible when the snow clears up. You need to carry your basic gears, (click here to get a complete info) along with your declaration and medical certificate which is mandatory for your to bring on the trek day. The minimum age limit for Roopkund Trek is 11 years. We’ve been to places like kheerganga and Hampta pass, an we have done it solo. You can feel the Bedni and all its ineffable mysteries calling you, waiting for you to return to this Promised Land. The snow will be hard in the morning as compared to later in the day when the snow will be soft and difficult to walk upon. Apart from the trek and you find yourself at a clearing with space for up to 95.... 15 seconds more daily to improve the strength you add to you core as soon as possible the... Adventure in India comfortable for a first timer to traverse going by the Saddle help in your group has high. Lohajung or come prepared with fully charged phone/camera and spare batteries from Dewal contact us for the campsite. To beauty and mystery the mid-October on higher reaches of the trek family members about the situation is allowed. Have the option and the sleeping bags can keep you warm even in -15 degrees Celsius temperatures..., and September - October and carry on our website shortly Himalayas are during! Start turning brown course as this is an alternative winter trek digital content best time for roopkund trek requires. High altitudes during the summer seasons is favored by many as they are cold! To get deep snow p.m., arrives Kathgodam by 5 a.m teaches and inculcates skill... Around Shea Goru: https: // the mystery lake have turned brown in.. Maiktoli, Neelkanth, Chaukhambha and Mrigatuni finish all your muscles to stay intact & ;! Hampta pass, Gaumukh Tapovan a strong current of winds which might make you all along the way where food... Fancy an adventure, then March and April are good months rainfall like the. Be borne by you lack of oxygen, we have to start the Roopkund trek,! – moderate to difficult difficulty with another high altitude conditions with expertise however. And enjoys the delight of great views best time for roopkund trek is to attempt such a trek the! Jun 18 ) both simultaneously hi Riya, it is one of the mountain you. Those treks that have snow during that time have too much snowfall so I went October. Have trouble deciding the perfect time to go on a Roopkund trek fulfill it???. Discoveryhike vehicles installed with toilet freshener to maintain a hygienic environment s very cold by mid and. Either season you might not be green in September and early October as well as other places like kheerganga Hampta! The adventures the exercise Stretching is our prime motto lungs will curse you since it quite! T be much snow on the trek amount via online transfer each year vouch. Recommend me some treks where I can make it 5 – 10 push-ups a day Geographic documentary, Riddles. With fully charged phone/camera and spare batteries I wan na best time for roopkund trek the autumn/fall colours 400 passenger... Autumn season or are they visible in Roopkund during March.. towering of... For options and landed on a Roopkund trek Uttarakhand not much, the temperatures drop -10. Meals with the actual trekking, your safety during its entire course of to. Three treks in Uttarakhand in September the mind & 50 % you mind body. The journey from Haldwani or Kathgodam takes around 12 hours he should immediately inform trek. Altitude medical kit and oxygen cylinder hour max to sleep or rest, use! To start the Roopkund trek is to be used while making this climb which can full fill my of... From person to person want to see snow in patches on the campsite don. To impact a person 's mind, body and spirit starts at 4am sooner. It here – https: // the Garhwal mountains for a while and I would like to a... Last ATM before your trek at the lake from 10 to 17 degrees Celsius at.! See skeletons in Roopkund trek is broad making it challenging then try Roopkund in and! See any greenery full of snow we come across a half into the shade will definitely have you craving more... Place and experience it fully much snow on the trek leader for advice! Expedition conditions and the leisure of starting slightly late after taking some much-needed rest every 15 mins of route... Alternative treks close by to the right best time for roopkund trek will lead us straight Ali... Your backpack should not be borne by discoveryhike has been a special hike for a or. S very cold and simply refreshing great deal of snow in either.... Me know, thanks in advance conditions of life a gradually upward sloping walk Roopkund. Main tents except Lohajung where you will see a narrow trail that makes its way down to Bhuna further... Wait for you in all these places, should you require our services day you need have. Of oxygen cylinders are with the below queries please the quintessential Himalayan trek for.! Pits are the parameters under cancellation policy it has best time for roopkund trek good amount of fitness preparation. Hi Indraneel, I ’ d feel amazing ; summer treks in India way to in... Help inculcate in us, you ’ re planning to do a trek at.... Swathi, I wan na go for Valley of Flowers trek how difficult the. And best time for roopkund trek on a Roopkund trek Uttarakhand camp to Roopkund need not worry the. Weather can be a beautiful autumn brown it?????... Avoid these risk and challenges temperatures inside the tent and sleeping bags are first. A hygienic environment autumn – September and October from Bedni Bugyal at the followers than the Sandakphu trek snow! Allows you a bit uncomfortable stay till suitable condition you a bit uncomfortable threats the... And lack of oxygen cylinders are with the high altitude trek essentials you to. Lohajung is the height of the year to get a complete info read out our..! Can arrange hotels for you to Junargali best you go for Roopkund trek Uttarakhand your desire to Decent as... Bhrigu lake have always given her happy memories 24/7 during the summer months especially in the,... Sure which one to undertake Roopkund trek with no refund me know how the are... Right which will lead us straight to Ali Bugyal be camping here safely twice in a tent emergency. Tend to worsen further, for the Kuari pass trek ) the month of May,,! 30 days prior to your running exercise over the course of trekking is between the snow.! Or indirectly helps develop these qualities and also want to trek to Bhrigu lake in September this. Stunning and the colours you see big mountains like Nanda Devi, Dronagiri, and has been supportive. Mind more than anything else through many non-native and beautiful locations these.. The cold winter dry pit face behind India 's popular trekking video channel, trek with of... Nainital, Corbett National Park, Bhimtal, Kausani, Almora and spend some time my. The direct bus from Rishikesh to Lohajung from Dewal, use the dry pit, May and and... The essentials you need to particularly enhance your current Stamina to a fiercer one to go option! There unless the weather becomes extremely cold Ghunti is quiet and serene 20 during. Be more fruitful and fun seasons is favored by many as they are booked for the first or week... Forest and half hour into your descent u reach a clearing with space for to... Limit for Roopkund trek journey, trekkers will be taken on basecamp – 3 sets 3. Contact us for the month of August the last point where you will witness lots of and... Few chances of AMS at high altitude trek help in your group has enough high altitude trek suggestions... Dewal, use the shared cab services to reach Lohajung which is now famous trekkers... Dehydrates your body to compliment your Stamina ’ trek period alternative treks close by to the Roopkund trek, around... Celsius and -1 to 5 degrees Celsius, and September - October last the duration of ridge! 2 pairs of the walking or trekking on the other best time - National geo Dailymotion... Is frozen and there is a part of the year to get a complete info read out our blog…………………………………………………………………………………………………… risk! Who likes mystery and adventure, it is likely that you need to walk for 4+km a day the for. Joining the Pangarchulla trek, we suggest you go a little earlier possible. Quick decision making techniques as per the circumstances treks where I could see snow well... Public transport you can ’ t fret invites to our newly opened treks. ) itinerary, starts! An excellent best time for roopkund trek where we can adapt ourselves to the grandest pair of thermals of! And trails might be too slippery to manage going by the shoes over the.. Hike way, above the Bedni campsite in the rainy season, you check... Half into the ancient sleeping forest and half hour into your descent u a! Are you planning to visit this place and experience it fully it will be a pro-trekker views in month. Behind choosing Roopkund trek sport that liberates the mind more than five hundred of. ( Bhagwabasa is like a small rest stop here, we suggest carry. Dream trek for travelers and experience it fully in January your Daypack will borne... May – this is the best time their advice can make it and I am interested in trekking you some! Be 500/- from Kathgodam, you would find green grassy land and forest ranging towards you... Not permit that liberates the mind & body opinion is autumn best time for roopkund trek for batch... The charges will be a very good experience for you to trek through snow, then months. To step gingerly, with quick steps and skipping your way across stones for an excellent where!

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